Discography                                                  Bill's Newest Release - Good Good Lovin

Good Good Lovin (2015)
Good Good Lovin, Got Love, 21st Century Blues, I'm Alright, Heaven Heaven, King Snake Prowl, What Could Have Been Love, Northern Electric, I Regret To Say
Bill Durst - Hard and Heavy CD Hard and Heavy (2013)
Devil And The Deep, Your Love., I'm Your Man,
Heartless Man, Kadia, Sally At the Door, Gimme That Something, Blue rain, Angels Fly,
Fly Away Home
Bill Durst Live Bill Durst Live (2012)
Love Have Mercy, Little Red Rooster, I Want To Be Loved, Cafe On The Gaspe, Statesboro Blues, Cry Like A River, Hole In My Soul, Porcelain Bus, Wandering Blues, Radio-Soul Survivor
The Great Willy Mammoth - CD The Great Willy Mammoth (2009)
River, Café on the Gaspé, Beautiful, The Great Willy Mammoth, Flower Song, Wandering Blues, Radio – Soul Survivor, Homeless, 39 Days, All The Blues In The World
The Wharncliffe Sessions The Wharncliffe Sessions – (2005)
I Am A Man of Constant Sorrow, Jenny's In the Gin, Woodstock, I Wants To Be Loved, Little Wing, Tube Snake Boogie, Voodoo Child, Statesboro Blues, Let's Work Together.
Bang The Love Drum Bang The Love Drum (1997) - Thundermug
You, Allah God and Buddah, Muffin Eater, Hole In The Wall, Heart Shaped Stone, Jerk, Folks Waggin' Bus, Happy As A King, Shoot 'Em Up, Flow.
Who's Running My World Who's Running My World? (1994) – Thundermug
Who's Running My World, Blue Water, Hippy, Africa, She Said, High, Say Goodbye, Beard, Temptation, The Marijuana Song.

Father Earth Father Earth (CAN) (Cassette) - Cottage (1989) - Bill Durst
Father Earth, Cry, Mother Earth, Soul Shakedown, Blue Jean Blues, Natural Thing, Emoline, Hard Driver, String of Pearls, Tell Me Why
Call Billy Billy Durst – Call Billy (1983)
Call Billy, Dreamin' (Just Of You), Kiss & Tell, Elaine, Feed The Fire, My Girlfriend, Waitin' For The Magic, Hey Babe, Love Ain't Dumb, On The Eiffel Tower.
Taa-Daa Ta-daa! - (LP) (US release) - 1975 - Thundermug
Jeanine, The Look In Her Eyes, Drive My Car, I Feel Lonely, Duckworth Stomp, Banga Banga Humpa Humpa, I Want You, Let's Live Together, Rock And Roll Concert, Hard Luck.
Ta-Da Ta-daa! - (LP) (CAN) - Axe – (1974) - Thundermug
Big City, The Look In Her Eyes, Drive My Car, I Feel Lonely, Duckworth Stomp, Jeanine, John, Let's Live Together, Rock and Roll Concert, Babe, Hard Luck.

Thundermug Strikes - 1973 (US release)
Orbit, Victoria Muse, Jane "J" James, Mickey Mouse Club, The Investigator, Africa, Garden Green, You Really Got Me, We'll Never Forget, Where Am I, Bad Guy.
Orbit Orbit (LP) (CAN) - Axe – (1973)  - Thundermug
Orbit, Molly-O, Victoria Muse, Mickey Mouse Club, The Investigator, Garden Green, Boy You've Got A Lot To Learn, We'll Never Forget, Bad Boy, To Tell The Truth.
Thundermug Strikes Thundermug Strikes (LP) (CAN) - Axe – (1972)
Africa, Page 125, What Would You Do?, Help Father Sun, And They Danced, You Really Got Me, Fortune's Umbrella, Jane J James, Will They Ever, Where Am I?
Good Good Lovin (CD, Digital) - 2015 - Durstwerks - Bill Durst
Hard And Heavy (CD, Digital) - 2013 - Durstwerks - Bill Durst
BILL DURST LIVE (CD, Digital) - 2012 - Durstwerks - Bill Durst
The Great Willy Mammoth (CD, Digital) - 2009 - Durstwerks - Bill Durst
The Wharncliffe Sessions (CD) (CAN) - 2005 - Durstwerks - Bill Durst Band
Singles - Jenny's In The Gin, I Am The Man Of Constant Sorrow
The Funky President - Raven - 1999 - Thundermug, Single (CD) (Very Rare)
Bang the Love Drum (CD) (CAN) - Raven - 1997 - Thundermug, Single - You (Released to radio only)
Who's Running My World? (CD) (CAN) - Raven - 1994 - Thundermug,
Singles - Blue Water, She Said, Who's Running My World? (Released to radio only)
Father Earth (Full Album) (CAN) (Cassette) - Cottage - 1989 - Bill Durst
Call Billy (LP) (CAN) - Passport/Falcon - 1983 - Bill Durst
Singles - My Girlfriend, Call Billy, Eiffel Tower (45s)
Thundermug Singles - All 45s, released between 1974-6 (CAN) that never appeared on albums:
Love Is
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
Clap Your Hands And Stamp Your Feet
Let's Live Together
I Wanna Be With You
Ta-daa! (LP) (U.S.) - Mercury - 1975 - Thundermug
Ta-daa! (LP) (CAN) - Axe - 1974 - Thundermug
Thundermug Strikes (LP) (U.S.) - Epic - 1973 - Thundermug
Single - Where Am I? (45)
Orbit (LP) (CAN) - Axe - 1973 - Single - Orbit - Thundermug (45)
Africa - (Netherlands) Single - Areola - 1972 - Thundermug (45)
Africa - (U.S.) Single - Big Tree - 1972 - Thundermug (45)
Thundermug Strikes (LP) (CAN) - Axe - 1972 Thundermug
Singles - You Really Got Me, Africa (45s)