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Bill Durst Live

The Songs

Devil And The Deep

Your Love.

I'm Your Man

Heartless Man


Sally At The Door

Gimme That Something

Blue Rain

Angels Fly

Fly Away Home

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Awarded - Best Canadian Blues Rock Album (Artist) 2014, Blues Underground Network

Awarded - Top 10 Blues Rock Albums (International) 2014, Blues Underground Network

Fan Voted - "Hard And Heavy" CD voted #2, Top 20 Canadian Blues Albums 2014, Blind Lemon Blues

Thank you for voting for me in the Blind Lemon Top 20 Canadian Blues Album 2014 also a special thanks to those of you who made Maple Blues Awards 'write in' votes for me and of course thanks to the Blues Underground Network. Thanks for putting The Hard And Heavy CD in your music player.

Winter is upon us and like good little songwriter elves, Joe DeAngelis and myself, are hard at work writing the next CD. We have four or five real good tunes already and are waiting for The Muses or God or whatever it is, to hand us the rest of them. Tough work that.

The winter months also bring fewer gigs so if you know of someone, perhaps yourself, who knows of a house gig or two then please feel free to get in touch with me or my agent, Kap Palmer, on the contacts page. Much obliged.

The summer is starting to shape up with a couple of festivals in Alberta in July and much more to come. So keep warm - the spring is coming! ~ BD

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